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Finding Peace on the Other Side

I am making strides in my recovery and I am so grateful for how far I have come. I am striving to maintain peace in my heart over all that I have been through. The big struggle is finding the space to hope and believe that the worst is behind me. Thankfully there are now days that I actually forget that I battled breast cancer...even though I am still bruised and scarred from the battle field. I'm continuing to drink fresh juices and have also taken on a vegan diet in efforts to keep the dreaded C at bay. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers, healing vibes, kind letters and love. You have seen me through the storm in ways you can't imagine. Here's to more peaceful days and improving health! The human body is a miraculous thing.

What a Difference a Year Makes

I ran across a picture in my phone today that I took this time last year. I almost don't even recognize myself in this picture. But yes. That was me, fighting my fight. Doing my best to live to tell about it. Life is a beautiful thing. It is a crazy and very hard thing at times, but what a journey it is. I am realizing that as I am starting to feel more energy and hopeful for the future, I am also seeing that I have changed. You can't go through something like that and not change I guess. Here's to looking forward with hope while still living in the moment. Boy, what a difference a year makes!

Yay for Juicing

Many of you know that I packed on about 25 pounds of pudge during my cancer treatment last year. It was so discouraging as I had already worked so hard to lose about 70 pounds. Stinkin' cancer. Not enough to threaten my life, gotta pack on the pudge too?! When I was home with my family over Christmas my Dear Friend told me about this movie on netflix, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." I can't tell you how much the title resonated with me. The movie touts the benefits of juicing, (not to be confused with steroid use...haha), vegetable juicing. I figured it would be a good idea to try it. I had juiced veggies during chemotherapy at the suggestion of someone who beat Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer....but honestly, could not stomach the thought of it for awhile after chemo. Fast forward 2 months since I started my "Reboot" and I am down a glorious 25 pounds. First of all, I feel like I have found my secret weapon. Second of all, yes! 25 pounds! Woot woot! …

Hoping the Storm Has Passed

I saw this and it really struck me. I am finally beginning to feel like I have come to the other side of the storm. The last year has been filled with surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, all forms of treatment in effort to give me life. I feel so glad to have that behind me and to feel hope about the future beginning to creep back in. I continued to work from home during treatment but now am glad to be back to the office for half days. I also got a little car. It is so great to have a sense of independence back, and a little energy to enjoy it. My focus in the my healing has been to explore and implement natural cancer treatments into my life. Cheers to the storm settling down and hopefully being over.