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Summer, where did you go?

Is it really the end of August, people? Oh my goodness! Before we know it, the weather will turn, the snow will come and we will be huddled in our coats and scarves running to catch the train. I don't know about you but I'm not feelin' it! Look at this picture though.....she is having such fun in the sun! It reminds me of simpler times. Days when all we had to worry about was if a car was going to break up our kick ball game, or who was going to win the Big Wheel race. Ah, summer as a child....I miss you!
But, alas, we are children no more. In many ways, I thank Heaven for that! ;) Here I stand on the edge of a new career in social work in New York City. I kept the faith, followed my dreams, learned more patience, and it paid off. By the way, I start training on September 14th...wohoo!!
Anyhow, that's my rant. And my wish is that you soak up every last minute before the season changes (of course, my California friends, you have no idea what I am talking ab…

Trial of faith

So by now you know that I have accepted a job offer with NY Foundling. And, yes, I am still so excited. Now I am waiting for them to process the preliminary background check. And waiting...and waiting. Truth be told it has only been 5 days since the offer and HR said it takes at least a week to conduct.....but, I'm so excited to get back to work it is hard to wait! Plus, I'm wondering what my previous employers are going to say about me......hmmmm. If you're reading this Judy, tell them I rock! You too, Xoch!
Anyhow, I realize I am still in a trial of my faith. Granted, I can see the light so clearly at the end of the tunnel. So clearly that I know it is a way out and not just a train barreling towards that's good news. But, trials are hard of course. So, today, I'm struggling a bit. I have to remember that I am in the Lord's hands and that He is mindful of me. Just like the pic of the swan and her babies, I am in His constant care. Ahh...…

I got a J-O-B

Sunshine all around, folks. I got a J-O-B!
Yesterday I accepted an offer from NY Foundling, a large social service agency in New York City. I will be in their foster care division in Brooklyn doing case management, court advocacy, investigations and parent/foster care family work. I am very excited! The agency is solid and the position will allow me to use my skills and grow as a professional.
So, you guessed it, I am a real live social worker! Finally! Thank you to all of you who cheered for me, prayed for me, and kept me on track when I got discouraged. We did it!


The job hunting has turned a corner. I've been hesitant to mention it for fear I would jinx it, but this past week I have gotten a few calls. Wohoo!! as I am interviewing and moving forward, I am trying to keep the faith that whatever is meant to happen will happen.
The job that is meant to be mine, will be mine. So all I can do at this point is rock my suits and rock my interviews. The rest is up to them. Who knows? Maybe they will see my baby otter post and think...."wow! If an otter is willing to bet her baby on Zaneta, maybe we should give her a chance."
Thanks for the love, prayers, and rock star vibes on my behalf. They are definitely helping and I am doing my best to put them to good use. Woot woot!

Long be or not to be?

I am reaching out for your opinion. That's right, you! My hair has reached that awkward stage of the grow know the one, girls. When it's not quite long, but not quite short. It's the time when most of us girls will just say, 'ah, forget it...I'm cutting it again.' So I thought I'd show pics of a really cute short cut, and kinda nice long one and ask what you think.
This is a recent pic of me with my short hair. Cute, right?
This is me not too long before I moved to New York. I think I will have bangs this time though..and more layers because my hair LOVES to curl in the New York humidity.
So, take a second and let me know what you think. Should I keep it short, or let it grow out?