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Fourth of July in NYC

My last Independence Day in NYC was wonderful! My friend Victor invited me and a few friends to view the Macy's show from a rooftop 50 floors up. We could see all of the barges on the river and the show was spectacular. Thanks Victor!

Great way to end my time here in NYC. I'm headed for California to visit my family then DC here I come.

And the day came.....

Yesterday I said goodbye to my job as a New York foster care worker. It was bittersweet in ways I never expected. Saying goodbye to my clients was more difficult than I expected it to be. Many of these kids have caused sleepless nights and endless stress in my life....and they are the ones I had the hardest time saying goodbye to. I know they will be in good hands, but for two years, they have been in my heart. I have advocated for them, done my best to teach them, tried my hardest to help them see how special they are, ensured that they were well cared for. I have been a teacher, a friend and yes, at times, even a mom. As I worked to serve them, I am left with the feeling that they actually served me. I was taught more patience and persistence and given more capacity to love even when the object of my affection was driving me crazy sometimes. It's interesting how things turn out.