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This is when you know...

This is the Kardashians' Christmas card this year. I just saw this and instantly thought, "Oh my! This is when you know your family is just too fabulous." Go, Kardashians!

Bye Bye Fall, Hello Winter

I love my nyc but Winter is definitely not my favorite part. Sure the snow is pretty to look at, but walking around in it day in and day out is just not cute. So I bid farewell to one of my favorite seasons, beautiful Fall, and say hello to Winter.

I have to say my life has been saved by my new puffy coat with the puffy fur trim hood. My life was almost taken by said coat as well though. The hood is so awesome but you really can't see what's next to you. I stepped right in front of a car. Gotta be more careful, but glad for puffy coat. My friends were right, it has changed my whole outlook! Should have got a longer one though, cause my buns are freezing. But live and learn! Happy Winter to everyone. Christmas is just around the corner!