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Tornado in Brooklyn

Lesson learned this week - When the sky looks like this, don't go running for the train.

Scary times were had by this California girl. The storm came on in a matter of seconds. Like most New Yorkers, I don't own a car. I go where my feet, the train, and a bus can get me. Leaving work and headed for the train, I was pelted by hail and sheets of rain as the sky turned black and lightening struck. Dare I say, but I miss me some earthquakes. This severe weather is just no bueno.

A Year

So yesterday, September 10, 2010 marked my one year anniversary as a foster care worker with The New York Foundling. What a crazy year it has been. Coming into the job, I had prior experience with the foster care system back in California. I had a feeling it would be a little a different here in nyc, because let's face it, everything is a little different here in nyc. I don't feel I was really prepared for many of the challenges I was going to face.....but I hung in there and have survived the first year - the year of hard knocks!

I'm not sure what the future holds for me......but I will be forever grateful for this real life experience. I now know why I was told time and time again, "If you can make it in foster care in New York City, you can do anything!" Truer words were never spoken.