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Oh, Foster Care....

My work has been quite challenging lately. Foster Care in nyc is no joke! I feel like this swan, trying to keep her babies safe...only I have 19 kids that I am supposed to keep safe. All different ages. All different traumatic backgrounds. I know I am needed in my current position, but each day I come home I am beat down tired. I am just about at my 6 months mark. I am getting the hang of everything. At first I didn't know my way around Brooklyn or how to navigate my role. My silver lining at this point is that I know I am making a difference AND my 1 month paid vacation time is about to kick in. Hahaha.

Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. My friend Eric has encouraged me to update the blog more. Is anyone still checking it? Hmm?? Well, I will exercise faith that you are and just do my best to keep you all in the loop.

xoxo from nyc

Almost Time

It's almost time, Peeps! On March 20th I get to see my boo, Michael Buble at Madison Square Garden. I could care less that I am a million miles from the stage. I will be closer to him then than I am right now! hahaha. Oh, Michael Buble....keep an eye out for me!