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A Month is Rarely Just a Month

So today marks one month since I moved to DC from my beloved NYC. I've progressed a lot, smiled a lot, and dare I say, even cried a lot. Friendships have been tried and tested, new friendships have blossomed, and acquaintances have been made. All of the makings of a good time, right? But here I sit, one month into the three months I alloted myself to get on my feet, and I have just accepted an offer of employment. Taking the leap of faith was difficult, but my friends, it has paid off! This new opportunity is a definite jump for my career and is replete with growth potential. I am so excited to take on social work in DC and rock it out! Woot!

I know that as we lean on what we know to be right and take those leaps of faith, we will be rewarded. Much of the difficulties in this transition have been in areas I never expected. But as I tried to focus on the good around me, I saw beauties that I never expected as well. Here's to new friends and tried and true friends! I…

Giving Up What We Love Most...

I posted this picture a few years ago, but it seems to be apropos for my thoughts of late. I have been studying a lot about priorities and the importance of setting aside love of self, love of others and love of things; giving up what we have, to get what we ultimately want. I guess it is up to all of us to determine our own "ultimate prize" and to do what we can, even all we can, to achieve that...and being willing to see our weaknesses, even in the ares where we thought we were strong.

I am learning, and not always in the easiest ways, that when we keep our eyes on the ultimate prize and let go of all else around us, what we are hoping to gain will come to us. And often, just the very act of showing our willingness to "give up what we love most," is all that is necessary. Just the willingness. What a beautiful thing.

Fun and Frightful Journey of Life

I saw this picture and it really spoke to me. It made me wonder...if this were a snap shot of life, which kid would I be? Would I be scared to death and cringing with fear, eyes closed? Would I be the previous but with eyes wide open? Or perhaps I might be one with a wide smile looking forward with excitement. I think I have been all of them at different times in life and within each trial of my journey.

May we all be able to experience life with our eyes wide open, a smile upon our faces, excitement abounding, and taking it head on...even in the frightful portions of our journey. And may we realize that we chose this roller coaster and have the duty to continue to choose the path we know to be right. Come what may and love it!

A True Test of Friendship

"It is one of the severest tests of friendship to tell your friend his faults. So to love a man that you cannot bear to see a stain upon him, and to speak painful truth through loving words, that is friendship." Henry Ward Beecher

I am grateful to have friends who love me enough to help me grow...friends that are there to weather the storm.

End of an Era

Two years as roommates, three years in nyc, two years of foster care work in Brooklyn, and countless struggles and blessings later.....It's the end of an era.

Blogging about the transition rather than simply stating it's over may help me settle the idea in my heart. It's hard to believe that I no longer live in nyc. Almost harder to believe that I know live in DC. It's natural to have difficulties when all of your time has been caught in a whirl, work, work has been my life. I am turning over a leaf and making myself part of the equation....which is difficult and strange all at once. I am still too close to the whole thing to see my new adventure developing but I have made it to the stage where reality has set in. I am here, nyc is there, and such is life.

Our last picture as roommates. Saying goodbye I almost lost it...all the love came flooding forward. It was the end of an era. We had a great run, Jules! I guess it's time for us both to ta…


So I am all moved to the DC area and I am doing my best to settle in. Moving from NYC to suburbia has not been the easiest adjustment but I am doing my best and counting my blessings.