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Where's The King?!

I was so excited to go the exhibit because I want to see King Tut before I die. Weird...but yeah, it's on my Bucket List. Although I knew I would still want to see the pyramids one day, I was so excited thinking that I would see the King at the Discovery thing. The exhibit was really neat. Like really really neat! So many things from the tomb are there. But when you get to the end there is a reproduction of the mummy. Hmm.

Not sure why I was surprised. I recall the exhibit in Los Angeles years ago and the press saying King Tut would never return to America. They spoke truth, peeps. He hasn't. But lots of his really cool stuff has, so it was still worth the $40 to go through the exhibit. Like Angie said, it just gives me another excuse to go to Egypt one day. Yay for King Tut's stuff, but I'm sure my Daddie is right. King Tut probably is sad he never got to see my in nyc :)

Fleet Week

Few things brighten up Times Square like a bunch of military men. I was hanging out with a friend this evening and taking in the view. I'm so grateful for the men and women that work so hard and sacrifice so much to protect us. It doesn't hurt that they get to wear fancy uniforms and look all handsome and stuff!

A Time To Reflect

It is hard to believe that just 2 years ago I came to nyc to study at Columbia.

Here I am over looking the City. I was so excited, so nervous, so happy, even a little sad to have left my family and friends in many things.

Then 10 short months later....I was graduating from Columbia!

Now I have been out of Graduate school for a year now and working in foster care.....getting my bootie kicked by foster care....and I'm still excited, nervous, happy and even sometimes sad.

At milestones we tend to reflect and evaluate, which is what I have been doing a lot of lately. I have considered returning to school for a Psy. D. I have thought about moving home and working at a hospital in Pediatric Oncology. I have even considered (dare I saw) sticking with this foster care thing a little while longer.

I know I will find the path that is right for me.....but for now I am just so happy that many of my dreams came true in the last 2 years. What a blessing!!

Oh, New York

There are a million reasons I love New York City. One of the things I love most is the fact that it is filled with so many characters! I think it is fantastic that you can see something like this on the train and not even bat an eye lash.

Go New Yorkers! Do your thing!


So, I saw this pic and all that I could think is what if I had to carry all the foster kids I'm in charge of in my mouth. Thank Heaven there was another plan for us humans. My hat goes off to these fish though. Go them!

Summer do

Now that my hair has finally grown out I am thinking of cutting it for summer time. Again with the decisions. I found this picture on a website (yeah, it's from Perez - don't judge me!). I really like this cut. It just may be my new summer do.

Endless Possibilities

Spring has sprung here in nyc. The weather is unpredictable but it is wonderful. No more freeze your bootie off weather. Woot woot! And, the sunshine has returned. Winters are way too rough on this California girl. Way too rough!

But now the days are getting longer and the sun is getting brighter. Dare I say....the funk is beginning to subside. I'm spring cleaning, setting new goals, and actually getting back the energy it takes to achieve them. So for my other friends living in sunshine challenged states - we made it! And to those of you back in sunny California - you have no idea how lucky you are :) Well, maybe you do. Either way, let's all rejoice!!

The Verdict is In

So as many of you know, I am struggling with a decision. I got my tax refund and decided to use it to reward myself with some good self-care. As my social worker, therapist, and all around awesome busy life leading friends can attest to, self-care is key to avoiding the dreaded burn-out.

I've wanted a puppy for so very long. But, not just any puppy, mind you. A french bulldog, so stinkin' cute, way too freakin' expensive kind of puppy. Yeah. Yeah. I know there are so many puppies out there waiting to be adopted. And I feel for them, really. But, I have this perfect vision of my life with this french bulldog, and he needs a home too, no? Haha

And, then there is Italy. Oh, Italy. How I have dreamed of you since my Grandmother visited you and returned to speak of your goodness. Plus, my roots...can't forget my roots! I just want to go and experience what so many have shared with me...and it will give me wonderful memories to inspire others with.

Back and fort…