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Make a Wish

Over the past year dealing with Breast Cancer, I have often felt like this little mouse. Climbing high atop a wisher and throwing my wishes to the wind. As I reached my year mark since my diagnosis, I was reflecting on how far I have come (and trying not to be discouraged by how far I still have to go). Some wishes have come true, some, well only time will tell. One thing I could have never imagined coming my way was the tremendous love and support of others. I have been blessed beyond measure. Old friends have come back into my life and helped me remember good times. New friendships have been formed. I still continue to receive cards and care packages. I feel so humbled by the outpouring of care. As I move forward, I will continue to remember this little mouse, and myself, having faith and hope to make a wish. Having dreams of what is to come and what could possibly be.


For some reason, that picture just cracks me up. Things that make me smile mean even more to me now than they ever did. As I learn to find and accept my new normal, post-cancer treatment, I am finding greater happiness. I still have a long journey ahead but I am grateful for these little steps I am making.