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Light in the Storm

I saw this and it really made me think about my struggles over the last year. What has been my light in the storm? At times it has been the fact that I knew I was in the position I was supposed to be in. Other times it was the knowledge that God wouldn't bring me this far just to have me fail. To be truthful, there were many times I couldn't see the light at all. During these times it was most important to keep moving forward and not be swayed by the waves of the sea. I haven't always accomplished this with grace and dignity, but perhaps that will be one of the blessings that will come from working in an environment wherein every person I serve is in crisis to varying degrees. Let's hope! And many thanks to my friends for your love and encouragement. I could not have weathered this storm without you!

Making Due With What You've Got

This little girl in the picture always wanted a horse. She wasn't able to get one. She decided to train her cow to jump hurdles with her. Such a perfect example of making due with what you've got. This girl not only "makes due," she excels!

What a great example to me. I have been learning and growing a lot the past 7 months. Much to share.....but it has been far too long since I posted so i thought I would send a blog post into the world and see if any one of my friends are still reading. Love you guys! Going to be making an effort to blog more often. Wish me luck!