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Dear Santa

Sometimes a girl just has to have some fun. You all know I am spiritually minded...but this list is all about the world....this list is for Santa...and Santa doesn't bring the blessings, he brings the fun of the world. Yay, Santa! I thought I would start my list early so he could get a jump on things, because some of them may take some time to acquire. Good luck, Santa. I will have a big ol' tree waiting for you plus cookies and milk.

I'm really doing it!

Yesterday when I was traveling home on the train it hit me. I'm really doing it! I came to New York to study at Columbia and loved it here. I wanted so badly to be able to find a job after graduation so that I could relocate...and everything is coming together.
I graduated from the Ivy League, found an awesome job, found a great apartment and I am making wonderful friends. Oh my goodness!!! I am really doing it!!
This is it. This is life. No waiting to live it. No waiting to love it. Just live it and love it!

Growing Pains

Life is full of changes. Ending Grad school, moving out, moving in, moving out again. Friends coming and going....the only constant is change. My friend Marisa shared this postcard with's speaking volumes to my soul. Thanks, Marisa.
Sometimes we know when things are changing for the better - to help us grow....sometimes they just change and we haven't a clue why. I guess the way to find peace is to just trust in God and have the faith to know we are in His hands regardless. Just carry on....xoxo.

So it begins..

The weather in nyc has not been cute. Not cute, at all. I love the Fall but I am realizing it only makes me nervous. As the weather begins to freshen up and the humidity falls by the way side...I am reminded of the below zero temps to come. Uh oh! Sometimes I wonder what this pull is that nyc has on me. I could be in my California enjoying beautiful weather, practically year round. Hmm. Whatever it is, I love my nyc. I still feel so blessed to call it home....even when the weather turns cold and the sun goes away.

Peaks and Valleys

The last few days have been filled with ups and downs. Just as one friend walked out of my life, I gained a sister. Yes, that's right. Crazy as it is....I have a beautiful younger sister. Those of you that read my blog may have seen her comment. She found me and reached out. It's very exciting! We are now getting to know one another through emails....and we plan to meet in December when I go home for Christmas.
So, there it is. It is true....when one door closes, another one opens. And dare I say, those that walk away from us often have no idea just how special we are. We are better off without them. But, those that search for us, and want to love us...those are usually the people that God wants in our lives.

Haven't Met You Yet

I like a lot of different kinds of music....Hip Hop, Alternative, R & B...blah, blah. But, hands down, my favorite artist is Michael Buble. I love me some Michael Buble. I saw him live on the Today Show when I first moved to nyc. He is so charismatic and talented, not to mention a fine specimen of a eeee. Good job, Heavenly Father! ;)
Anyway, my secret boyfriend has a new single, Haven't Met You Yet. I love, love, love it! And as always, he is signing to my soul.
One day soon my man will come and I will be able to tell him that the wonderful Michael Buble kept me company and sang my anthem while I was waiting for him. :). He better be worth the


I was really homesick last week. Really homesick. My special friend, Maddie said I should go did everyone else that loves me here in nyc. Thankfully I have two amazing parentals ;). I told them how homesick I was and they said, "...then come home." So I did.
Ahhh, home. It is the one place I can go that I can count on getting a standing ovation. Everyone needs a standing ovation now and again. Family and friends that love me and get me....nothing beats it! Spent time with mom and dad and a few choice friends. I wish I had time for everyone...but we all know that is never possible. Daddie and I went out to eat and had a movie nice! My mama and I spent wonderful time visiting and shopping. We all know that there is no time for picture taking when a sale is going on though.
I even got the chance to go to the beach. Oh, how I love the beach. It's the B-E-S-T, best! Thanks, Jodi for surprising me with a lovely trip to Bolsa Chica.
My last pictur…