Friday, March 29, 2013

Yay for Juicing

Many of you know that I packed on about 25 pounds of pudge during my cancer treatment last year. It was so discouraging as I had already worked so hard to lose about 70 pounds. Stinkin' cancer. Not enough to threaten my life, gotta pack on the pudge too?! When I was home with my family over Christmas my Dear Friend told me about this movie on netflix, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." I can't tell you how much the title resonated with me. The movie touts the benefits of juicing, (not to be confused with steroid use...haha), vegetable juicing. I figured it would be a good idea to try it. I had juiced veggies during chemotherapy at the suggestion of someone who beat Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer....but honestly, could not stomach the thought of it for awhile after chemo. Fast forward 2 months since I started my "Reboot" and I am down a glorious 25 pounds. First of all, I feel like I have found my secret weapon. Second of all, yes! 25 pounds! Woot woot! More than anything though, I am feeling better. Chemotherapy and radiation and all the surgeries have done a sore number on my body. But, since I started juicing, my moments of energy are so much better and I have much more mental clarity. Sometimes I think I might actually bounce back from the chemo-brain effects. The greatest of all is that I have hope again. Yes, hope. I have always been a hope filled person of great faith but you have no idea how much cancer treatment beats you down, in every way, unless you travel that road. Here is a before pic of me over Thanksgiving with friends at the Outer Banks. And the next is me a week or so ago headed to our work gala. I think it really shows! Still have a long road ahead but I will revel in how far I have come.


  1. Way to go! That is amazing! You are looking great! :)

  2. It definitely shows boo! You look fantastic!!!

  3. You have always been a light in my light! You are glowing! So glad things are looking up!