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One more thing.....

So, I was in Court the other day and the Attorney I was working with had on the most beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes. They were magnificent. Did I covet? Oh, yeah! Do I wish I made more at my new job?? Umm, yes. Is it so bad to want to make lots of money so I can buy nice things?! lol. Social work is great but, well, I'm not making millions anytime soon. lol.
Those that know me are aware that I intend to go back to school. Law school or Ph. D. in Psychology have my heart. There is so much I can do with both of them and my time and studies at Columbia will contribute greatly to both. I've just been too tired to consider going back anytime soon....but when I saw the shoes....I got some pep in my step....hahaha.
Check 'em out girls. You'll understand.

Good friends, Good times....

My friend David came to visit me from DC. Good times. Good times, indeed. Work is kickin' my bootie. I told you to stay tuned. Things change in an instant. Just when I think I am getting the hang of it, something happens that shows me I haven't a clue. It's very
Anyway, as I struggle with the fact that I don't know BK and I'm not sure about my job, it's nice to have awesome friends so close to come and give me some love. Thanks, again David. You rock!

Getting the hang of it...

So, I've been at my new job for a week and a half. The first week I was STRUGGLING! Of course I was. It was my first week. But, you know me...I like to get things done right and I am not the most patient with it was rough. But, today I am feeling like I just might get the hang of it. Yip yip! Stay tuned though....tomorrow is a new day. ;)
Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and for dropping by the bloggie blog. Sending you some love and Wonder Woman vibes from nyc...xo.

Dear Santa

Sometimes a girl just has to have some fun. You all know I am spiritually minded...but this list is all about the world....this list is for Santa...and Santa doesn't bring the blessings, he brings the fun of the world. Yay, Santa! I thought I would start my list early so he could get a jump on things, because some of them may take some time to acquire. Good luck, Santa. I will have a big ol' tree waiting for you plus cookies and milk.

I'm really doing it!

Yesterday when I was traveling home on the train it hit me. I'm really doing it! I came to New York to study at Columbia and loved it here. I wanted so badly to be able to find a job after graduation so that I could relocate...and everything is coming together.
I graduated from the Ivy League, found an awesome job, found a great apartment and I am making wonderful friends. Oh my goodness!!! I am really doing it!!
This is it. This is life. No waiting to live it. No waiting to love it. Just live it and love it!

Growing Pains

Life is full of changes. Ending Grad school, moving out, moving in, moving out again. Friends coming and going....the only constant is change. My friend Marisa shared this postcard with's speaking volumes to my soul. Thanks, Marisa.
Sometimes we know when things are changing for the better - to help us grow....sometimes they just change and we haven't a clue why. I guess the way to find peace is to just trust in God and have the faith to know we are in His hands regardless. Just carry on....xoxo.

So it begins..

The weather in nyc has not been cute. Not cute, at all. I love the Fall but I am realizing it only makes me nervous. As the weather begins to freshen up and the humidity falls by the way side...I am reminded of the below zero temps to come. Uh oh! Sometimes I wonder what this pull is that nyc has on me. I could be in my California enjoying beautiful weather, practically year round. Hmm. Whatever it is, I love my nyc. I still feel so blessed to call it home....even when the weather turns cold and the sun goes away.

Peaks and Valleys

The last few days have been filled with ups and downs. Just as one friend walked out of my life, I gained a sister. Yes, that's right. Crazy as it is....I have a beautiful younger sister. Those of you that read my blog may have seen her comment. She found me and reached out. It's very exciting! We are now getting to know one another through emails....and we plan to meet in December when I go home for Christmas.
So, there it is. It is true....when one door closes, another one opens. And dare I say, those that walk away from us often have no idea just how special we are. We are better off without them. But, those that search for us, and want to love us...those are usually the people that God wants in our lives.

Haven't Met You Yet

I like a lot of different kinds of music....Hip Hop, Alternative, R & B...blah, blah. But, hands down, my favorite artist is Michael Buble. I love me some Michael Buble. I saw him live on the Today Show when I first moved to nyc. He is so charismatic and talented, not to mention a fine specimen of a eeee. Good job, Heavenly Father! ;)
Anyway, my secret boyfriend has a new single, Haven't Met You Yet. I love, love, love it! And as always, he is signing to my soul.
One day soon my man will come and I will be able to tell him that the wonderful Michael Buble kept me company and sang my anthem while I was waiting for him. :). He better be worth the


I was really homesick last week. Really homesick. My special friend, Maddie said I should go did everyone else that loves me here in nyc. Thankfully I have two amazing parentals ;). I told them how homesick I was and they said, "...then come home." So I did.
Ahhh, home. It is the one place I can go that I can count on getting a standing ovation. Everyone needs a standing ovation now and again. Family and friends that love me and get me....nothing beats it! Spent time with mom and dad and a few choice friends. I wish I had time for everyone...but we all know that is never possible. Daddie and I went out to eat and had a movie nice! My mama and I spent wonderful time visiting and shopping. We all know that there is no time for picture taking when a sale is going on though.
I even got the chance to go to the beach. Oh, how I love the beach. It's the B-E-S-T, best! Thanks, Jodi for surprising me with a lovely trip to Bolsa Chica.
My last pictur…

Summer, where did you go?

Is it really the end of August, people? Oh my goodness! Before we know it, the weather will turn, the snow will come and we will be huddled in our coats and scarves running to catch the train. I don't know about you but I'm not feelin' it! Look at this picture though.....she is having such fun in the sun! It reminds me of simpler times. Days when all we had to worry about was if a car was going to break up our kick ball game, or who was going to win the Big Wheel race. Ah, summer as a child....I miss you!
But, alas, we are children no more. In many ways, I thank Heaven for that! ;) Here I stand on the edge of a new career in social work in New York City. I kept the faith, followed my dreams, learned more patience, and it paid off. By the way, I start training on September 14th...wohoo!!
Anyhow, that's my rant. And my wish is that you soak up every last minute before the season changes (of course, my California friends, you have no idea what I am talking ab…

Trial of faith

So by now you know that I have accepted a job offer with NY Foundling. And, yes, I am still so excited. Now I am waiting for them to process the preliminary background check. And waiting...and waiting. Truth be told it has only been 5 days since the offer and HR said it takes at least a week to conduct.....but, I'm so excited to get back to work it is hard to wait! Plus, I'm wondering what my previous employers are going to say about me......hmmmm. If you're reading this Judy, tell them I rock! You too, Xoch!
Anyhow, I realize I am still in a trial of my faith. Granted, I can see the light so clearly at the end of the tunnel. So clearly that I know it is a way out and not just a train barreling towards that's good news. But, trials are hard of course. So, today, I'm struggling a bit. I have to remember that I am in the Lord's hands and that He is mindful of me. Just like the pic of the swan and her babies, I am in His constant care. Ahh...…

I got a J-O-B

Sunshine all around, folks. I got a J-O-B!
Yesterday I accepted an offer from NY Foundling, a large social service agency in New York City. I will be in their foster care division in Brooklyn doing case management, court advocacy, investigations and parent/foster care family work. I am very excited! The agency is solid and the position will allow me to use my skills and grow as a professional.
So, you guessed it, I am a real live social worker! Finally! Thank you to all of you who cheered for me, prayed for me, and kept me on track when I got discouraged. We did it!


The job hunting has turned a corner. I've been hesitant to mention it for fear I would jinx it, but this past week I have gotten a few calls. Wohoo!! as I am interviewing and moving forward, I am trying to keep the faith that whatever is meant to happen will happen.
The job that is meant to be mine, will be mine. So all I can do at this point is rock my suits and rock my interviews. The rest is up to them. Who knows? Maybe they will see my baby otter post and think...."wow! If an otter is willing to bet her baby on Zaneta, maybe we should give her a chance."
Thanks for the love, prayers, and rock star vibes on my behalf. They are definitely helping and I am doing my best to put them to good use. Woot woot!

Long be or not to be?

I am reaching out for your opinion. That's right, you! My hair has reached that awkward stage of the grow know the one, girls. When it's not quite long, but not quite short. It's the time when most of us girls will just say, 'ah, forget it...I'm cutting it again.' So I thought I'd show pics of a really cute short cut, and kinda nice long one and ask what you think.
This is a recent pic of me with my short hair. Cute, right?
This is me not too long before I moved to New York. I think I will have bangs this time though..and more layers because my hair LOVES to curl in the New York humidity.
So, take a second and let me know what you think. Should I keep it short, or let it grow out?

Please give Zaneta a job..

She's great with kids and has a passion for making a difference. You won't be disappointed. I know the economy is struggling...but she is one that you want to have on your team right now! Call her. You won't regret it. I bet my baby otter on it!

Jumping in head first

I am learning one of the great lessons in can't judge a book by it's cover. Of course the cover still has to have some appeal (maybe I've still a lot to learn), but all in all, the feelings you have and the opportunity in it for growth is what matters the most - those are the things that will stand the test of time.
How is this lesson being taught? In many ways...some of it is coming through this transition in careers....some of it is coming through the people I am being led to.....and some of this lesson is coming in the books I am reading. This month I have read, Eat Pray Love (awesome book), Yes Man (so cool, too!), A Single Voice (great), and, The Secret Life of Bees (lovely). I have loved each one for different reasons but each is helping me along my journey.
Sending you love and hoping you too will give something worthwhile a chance....even if at first it's the last thing you want to do. You never may ending up being the "Yes&qu…

64 days...But who's counting?!

So, it has been 64 days since graduation....and I am still on the hunt for a job. I carry on in faith and have been amazed at the Lord's blessings. Friends tell me on a daily basis how they are praying for me and hoping that I find what I am looking for. It's wonderfully humbling to think that there are others petitioning the Lord on my behalf. Thanks, guys!
I know that something will come. I have a few months left in the timetable I have set for myself. I am just hoping my timetable matches what the Lord has planned. Thank you for checking out my blog, and for your thoughts, prayers and good vibes. I need them and I am doing my best to put them to good use. I apply to jobs and network every day...hopefully our economy will pick up soon I can fulfill my dream of being a rock star social worker.

Go Me!

I ran across this picture of me and Quint at the beginning of our marathon last year. This is us, 6:30 in the morning starting out on our 26.2 mile journey. It makes me think.....if I can run 26.2 miles, I can surely land a job. There is something about running a marathon that makes you feel you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. There's something else about a marathon that makes you forget it all because....Man! It's tough!
So, I am determined to remember the challenges I have overcome. Like the months of training runs and prep work that went into that one day, and the many years of training that went in to prepare me for this career change. I will also remember what my bib said...."Go Me!"
Am I hopeful? Yep! Do I carry on? Yep! Have I earned it? Yep! That's right....GO ME!

On the sidelines

I got an email last week from an agency I would love to work for. It stated that they were impressed with my resume and would be calling this week to schedule an interview. Well, it's Friday, and no call. Dangit!! And, yes, I sent an email expressing my excitement and interest in the interview. Double dangit!
So, I remain on the sidelines...of course I am living life and loving it...BUT, the J-O-B continues to elude me. Did I just graduate with a Master's degree? Yep. Does that not count for anything these days? Who knows. I really thought 2 months was more than enough time to find an awesome job. Evidently not. Eh. I carry on.

Patience, perseverance and faith

I heard the best quote at church yesterday..."Be of good cheer, your future is as bright as your faith (Thomas S. Monson)." It gave me such peace....and such trust in the wonderful feelings I have time and time again when I imagine my life here in nyc.
If there's one thing I have it's faith. So, man alive!! My future must be soooo bright! So, I carry on with patience, perseverance and faith. With the knowledge that any day now, someone is going to call and say, "Zaneta, we love you! Please come work for us!"

Staying on top of my game

I feel like I really turned a corner today. I am looking outside of what I thought I wanted and taking a huge leap of faith. It feels wonderful!!
A friend of mine told me that he thought something very unexpected would be coming my way...a "left hook" is what he called it. He said that it has been his experience that the big things we need usually come out of nowhere. He's right. I decided last night that I would search for jobs that sound interesting, things I may never have thought of doing before, but all things that I could definitely love. The beauty of a degree in social work is it's adaptability. So, today I found 9 (that's right, 9!) cool and interesting places to submit my resume to. My fingers are crossed that someone will love me enough to call.
I am hoping to find a place that will allow me to grow and develop as a professional and give me the chance to make a real difference in the world. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so either.…

A Time to Smile...

I saw this today on's available from At a time when my struggles are prevalent, anything that makes me smile is much appreciated. Have a wonderful day, Everyone!

A Time to Rest

Last week I was really sick. One of the little guys I watch was kind enough to share his strep throat with me...awww, how sweet! Anyhow, I guess it was nice that I did not have a 9 to 5 to go to....I was blessed with time to rest.
So, I saw this picture somewhere and I felt like it exemplified my life as of late. I feel like the whole world is laid out in front of me- mine for the taking. Unfortunately, I have yet to find the dream job. Of course I am still earning money and keeping busy...but I am not able to use the skills I paid so dearly to learn at Columbia.
You know me, I carry on with hope and faith. Today is a bit tougher than others though. I think that means I am close to blessings. It's always darkest before the dawn. If you know someone who is looking for a passionate and driven social worker, one who loves children and wants to make a difference, let me know. I am feeling much better today...wohoo! Keep sending me your prayers and positive vibes....I will…

Let it rain...

I was reading something in my new book that really got me thinking. Got me thinking about the trials I am facing and this difficult transition....
"Someday you're gonna look back on this moment of your life as a sweet time of grieving. You'll see that you were in mourning and your heart was broken, but your life was changing and you were in the best possible place in the world for it-in a beautiful place of worship, surrounded by grace. Take this time, every minute of it. Let things work themselves out..."
I was on the road that led to my Master's degree for 7 years. I worked full-time, so for many years I could only take a few credits at school. 7 years is a long time to work towards a goal. It was all consuming at times. I loved striving to get the best grades possible and learn all that I I am left with a fancy frame and an Ivy League degree on the wall....but what else? What now?
I think the words in my book have been an impetus for me. I a…

Hide and Seek

Ok, so as much as I am trying to be patient with the fact that my dream job is playing hide-and-seek, it's not easy. I have closed my eyes and counted to 10 at least a hundred times. Each day I have done my best to send my resume out so I am hoping that the calls for interviews will come flooding in any day now.
With my free time I have enjoyed reading some of the books I have had to put on hold while I was in school. One of my favorites so far is, "Eat, Pray, Love." It is a woman's account of her personal spiritual journey. She spent over a month in Italy-yes, I covet that. Check it out if you have time. It's well worth it.
Thanks to those of you who have been checking out my blog. With my wealth of free time I will continue to update, for soon enough I will be back to grind and have little time for it.

These things take time...

It's hard to believe this picture was taken a month ago. Yes, that's right. It has been a month since I graduated from Columbia! I am still searching for the dream job. I was feeling particularly impatient the other night. A friend of mine said, "Be patient, these things take time."
He's right, I guess. They do. However, there is a part of me that thought it would be much easier. I have to remember that the economy has the job market very tight. Budget cuts have forced many experienced people out of work and they are willing to take what they can get...these are the people I am competing against.
I will keep my head held high and never give up on the future I have dreamed of. Ahhhh, what a beautiful future it is. I can hardly wait!

When all eyes are on you...

So, I have been thinking lately. What do we do when all eyes are on us? Are we more of the person we want to be or less? Are we more agreeable, more willing to help and serve, and more willing to do what we know is right?
And what becomes of us when others are not watching? When we feel like our actions will only be witnessed by a few (if any at all). Are we more willing to compromise our standards, settle for less of ourselves and perhaps even expect less of others?
Living in New York City is an amazing blessing. Surrounded by countless people who are doing amazing things with their lives. Each working hard to "achieve" and accomplish what they feel they are here to do. I love that! But, it comes with challenges. Being one of millions, it's easy to feel like no one will ever know the life you lead....the choices you make...the amazing person you are destined to become. It's easy to let your light dim and just slip into the shadows.
To be what you were born t…

Please give Zaneta a job. She's a rock star!

Moving On

Graduate studies have ended, my lease for Columbia housing ended, my wonderful internship with the high school on the Lower East Side has ended, many friends have moved and time with them has ended.  It is a time for endings.  When something ends though, something else it is also a time for new beginnings.  So I am moving forward.
I moved in with a wonderful girl named Julie.  She is a personal trainer and an amazing singer. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better and sharing this chapter of my life with her.  As I search for a job I really love and try to discover what the Lord has in store for me next, I feel a bit like the little frog in this picture.  Small and fragile, but filled with purpose.  Just look at him!  He, just like me, is definitely at the Lord's mercy.  
I pray I can move forward with the faith and power of the lion and the horse while remembering I am in the Lord's hands (just like the tiny frog).  I know that as I trust in …

Zaneta M. Gileno, MSW

There were days that flew by and days I thought would never make it.  In the end, I earned a Master of Science degree in Social Work from Columbia University.   What a journey!!  
This is some of the Advanced Standing Class of 2009.  One year, one purpose!!  We did it, guys!

My friend Carlene came from California to celebrate with me.  (My friend David and his girlfriend Audra also came but we forgot to take pics).  Thanks for coming, you guys!  What a special day. 

Me and Carlene after the ceremonies were over.
Me in front of my lady.  I just love her!
One of my favorite missionary companions sent me a wonderful package from Hawaii.  It was filled with sweets and this lovely lei. Thank you, Chimge.  I love you!
I never would have made it without my Heavenly Father.  I stopped to give thanks in the chapel on campus and Carlene snapped this special picture of me.  I am posting it as thanks to Heavenly Father and to all of you who prayed on my behalf.  Thank you so much!!

We had two Commenceme…

I join Jack on May 20th

I made it to the end of the road.  Wohoo!!  Yesterday I completed the final obligations of my MSW.  It feels glorious!  I saw this picture on my school's website.  Jack Shepard graduated from Columbia.  So exciting for a Lost fan like me.  I will be thrilled to join my friends in a sea of light blue on Wednesday, May 20th, 2009.  This week I plan on recuperating.  I'm going to relax, relax, relax and let it sink in that I finished my degree at Columbia University.  I survived the Ivy League, baby!!

1 week left of Grad school!!

The picture is tiny but it sums up how I am feeling perfectly!  I am so close, oh so close!!  Just 5 more days.  Woot woot!

Counting Down

The countdown has begun, folks.  School and internship end on May 8th and I cross that stage in Columbia blue on May 20th, 2009.  Woot woot!!  I am tying up the loose ends at school, preparing to move, and job hunting.  To take some stress off, I had some of my girls over for dinner... Madison and Julie.  I'm actually moving in with Julie after my lease is up in May.  She's awesome and I can't wait to join her.  Sorry to kick you out, Maddie.  That's what happens when you get married.  You have to live with a boy now :).  
Here we are after dinner at my place.  Aren't they cute?  Yea, I look tired, I know.  Augh, Grad school!!  It's wearing on me, peeps!  :).  So, I will keep you posted on what life has in store for me.  I will be staying in New York City, that much I know.  I have had a couple of interviews and I am applying to more jobs every please keep me in your hopes, thoughts, and prayers.

Almost there!

I am hanging in there.  Yesterday I went with some friends to pick up our caps and gowns.  I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Being on the home stretch is always the hardest part, but I will remember what my wonderful friend Linda said, " is the time to KICK!"  She is so right.  It's like a race.  I am so tired, and although I can see the finish line, my body does not have much left to give.  I will dig deep though, and KICK!  Thanks for your well wishes everyone!   You are carrying me now!

Spring Break

I finally went home to Southern California for a visit.  It had been 8 months since I had seen the family.  I had the best time!  By the time I realized I was on vacation it was time to go back to NYC.  Isn't that always the way?!
Me and my niece and nephew.
Me and Jodi at my favorite restaurant, CPK.
The man, the legend, Quint ;).  We spent the day at the beach.  It was the first day that I considered moving back home after graduation.  We'll see!
Sums up the day perfectly.
The surfer girl in me headin' out to catch a few waves.  This is what's calling me back home to Southern California, but New York feels like home to me now too.  East or West?!  Time will tell.