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One more thing.....

So, I was in Court the other day and the Attorney I was working with had on the most beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes. They were magnificent. Did I covet? Oh, yeah! Do I wish I made more at my new job?? Umm, yes. Is it so bad to want to make lots of money so I can buy nice things?! lol. Social work is great but, well, I'm not making millions anytime soon. lol.

Those that know me are aware that I intend to go back to school. Law school or Ph. D. in Psychology have my heart. There is so much I can do with both of them and my time and studies at Columbia will contribute greatly to both. I've just been too tired to consider going back anytime soon....but when I saw the shoes....I got some pep in my step....hahaha.

Check 'em out girls. You'll understand.


  1. You will get there someday - sooner than you think... Just remember when you are up high there - don't crush on the small people.. :-) I know you won't - you are way too nice.

  2. Can I just drool with you? Do you think the DI in Hollywood has some? LOL~ They are just BEAUTIFUL!!


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